Our Hoodies

Cosmic Hoodies:

Polyester Cosmic hoodies are a trendy and stylish type of hoodie made primarily from polyester or blend fabrics. These hoodies have gained popularity for their unique and eye-catching designs inspired by cosmic and celestial themes. Here's a detailed description of Polyester Cosmic hoodies:

CVC Hoodies:

CVC hoodies, often referred to as Cotton-Polyester Blend or CVC (Chief Value Cotton) hoodies, are a popular type of hooded sweatshirt made from a fabric blend of cotton and polyester. These hoodies are favored for their combination of comfort, durability, and versatility.

CVC Zipper Hoodie:

CVC Zipper Hoodies, also known as Cotton/Polyester Blend Zipper Hoodies, are a popular type of casual and comfortable outerwear. "CVC" stands for "Chief Value Cotton," which is a blend of cotton and polyester materials. These hoodies typically feature a zipper closure in the front and a hood attached to the neckline. Here's a brief description of CVC Zipper Hoodies: